Mission and Service

Mission statement:
To reduce family homelessness in greater Phoenix by empowering a network of interfaith volunteers and community services, to provide shelter, compassion, assistance, and life skills training to return families to self sufficiency and sustainable housing.

Sunrise hosted a truly God inspired week last month. We began with 3 families and ended with 4. This was made possible by all of the volunteers who cooked, spent the night, shopped for breakfast and lunch items, and washed bed clothes.  Thank you all for participating in this mission.  Our next Family promise week will be October 15-22.  See you all there


Sunrise Prayer Shawl Ministry      Ministering to those in need of prayer and enfolding them in God’s love by the work of our hands and the prayer in our hearts.   Prayer shawls have been made for centuries.  They are universal and embracing, and they offer comfort while they enfold, and shelter.  Those who knit and crochet shawls, and those who receive them are loved and blessed. Sunrise’s prayer shawl ministry is for anyone who wants to share God’s love and care by creating a prayer shawl.  Most of the work will be done independently, remembering to start each session with a prayer that God will bless the shawl and provide comfort when it is given to a person needing either physical or emotional healing and support.  For more information, contact the Sunrise Office 623.780.1008

Justa Center:  We offer support for the Center’s mission by collecting clothing, shoes, toilet paper, bottled water and coffee during the year.

At the present time there is an URGENT need for the following items:  coffee, razors (disposable type), sugar packets, can tuna, can chicken, can beans, can vegetables, pasta (all kinds) and toothpaste.  They appreciate any and all donations.

Justa Center provides life-sustaining resources, services, and support to assist homeless seniors on their path back to housing, and supportive services to help prevent seniors from becoming homeless.

Sunrise UMC partners with Constitution Elementary School to provide needed items for teachers and students.

They currently would appreciate donations of notebooks, pencils, crayons, markers and erasers or Gift cards for teachers to purchase supplies (places like Office Max, Staples, Walmart, etc).

The school also has a Food Bank which gets requests for baby needs.  The need is greater than what they have on hand.  They would appreciate donations of diapers:  all sizes,

Baby wipes, formula, and baby food.

Please bring to Sunrise UMC and they will be taken to the school for distribution.

House of Refuge-Sunnyslope

Members of Sunrise UMC enjoyed serving a meal at the House of Refuge.  You are welcome to join us and experience the blessing that comes from feeding the homeless.   If you are interested in being a part of this mission, please contact the office. This is a 3 part process.  We choose a menu and divide the food responsibilities with interested participants, bring the food ready to be served by 4:45 to Sunnyslope, and serve the women and children.  We would love to have more people join us.